Protective Laser Goggles Eyewear Green Laser Goggle is a pair of  high quality laser goggle that can block green laser beam with wavelength 532nm


1, Protective wavelength range:  T-REX 532nm;

2, Protective features: Absorption, the full range, without direction;

3, Visible light transmittance: >55%;

4, Optical density: >5.0,(OD+5, OD+6);

5, Attenuation Rate:(10-6<N%<10-4)

Do not look direct at the laser beam in any circumstance even with this goggle. Once you put this goggle on, you shouldn't be able to see the laser light at all. If you do, please turn off the laser immediately as the goggle is either defective or with a wrong label! Contact us immediately.

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532NM Green Laser Safety Glasses Protective Laser Goggles Eyewear

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